(2PK) Blue Light Therapy Eraser Pen

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The Blue Light Therapy Eraser Pen is a specially formulated natural solution to hide varicose veins, so you can wear shorts or short dresses and feel confident about your looks. The skin-nourishing properties penetrate deep, leaving you with refreshed, younger-looking skin.

The powerful device combats against spider veins, and can even help those with Rosacea, post-operative bruising and age-related Purpura.

Spider Vein Eraser is a powerful anti-varicose veins formula, gentle enough to use anywhere on the body - face, nose, cheeks, and legs!


Features of the Vein Eraser Pen

  • Employs typically recommended light therapy for treating spider veins!

  • Portable and lightweight – treat your skin at home, on vacation, or anywhere!

  • Shrinks and dissolves damaged veins thus reducing spider veins!

  • Promotes collagen and healthy, firmer skin, making you less susceptible to spider vein development!

  • Also reduces acne, scars and wrinkles!

  • Free of spider veins in just weeks!